8 Strategies To Master Repeat Sentence In PTE Exam

The Speaking portion of the PTE Academic exam is no exception to the test’s reputation for rigorously evaluating candidates’ English language competency across a range of skills. Of all the challenges in this area, the “Repeat Sentence” task calls for a special combination of abilities and methods to succeed. We’ll examine the Repeat Sentence approach for the PTE Speaking Section in this blog post, offering advice and insights to help you improve.

Understanding the Repeat Sentence Task:

The Repeat Sentence Challenge assesses your comprehension and repetition of spoken English sentences. You will be required to repeat a sentence precisely as you heard it during this task. Understanding and precise repetition in a short amount of time are the challenges.

Key Strategies for Repeat-Sentence Success:

Active Listening:

Focus on understanding the meaning of the sentence as you hear it for the first time. Pay attention to the nuances of pronunciation, intonation, and stress.

Mental Recap:

After hearing the sentence, quickly recap it mentally before you start speaking. Identify the key words and the structure of the sentence.

Note Important Details:

Jot down a few keywords on your erasable notepad to help you remember the essential elements of the sentence. Avoid writing full sentences; use abbreviations or symbols for efficiency.

Practise Pronunciation:

Pronunciation is crucial in this task. Practice repeating sentences with proper pronunciation and intonation. Work on difficult sounds or words that you often struggle with.

Maintain a Natural Pace:

While it’s essential to speak clearly, try to maintain a natural pace. Speaking too fast or too slow may affect your score. Practice finding a balance between clarity and fluency.

Avoid Fillers:

Since PTE is an AI based test, avoid using fillers (such as “um” or “uh”) as these fillers can affect the fluency. Must think before recording your answer, but once you start speaking don’t compromise on your fluency.

Simulate Exam Conditions:

Practice the Repeat Sentence task under simulated exam conditions. Use official PTE practice materials and time yourself to get accustomed to the allocated time.

Review and Reflect:

After each practice session, review your performance. Identify areas where you can improve and adjust your strategy accordingly. Or even seek help from a tutor for better guidance.


It takes a combination of attentive listening, efficient note-taking, and precise pronunciation to master the Repeat Sentence task in the PTE Speaking Section. You may greatly improve your performance on this specific activity by including these tactics into your preparation routine.

Good luck on your PTE Academic journey!

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